Haven Insulated 
   Vinyl Siding & Trim
  •     Industry-leading insulation technology
  •     Superhuman impact resistance
  •     Shamelessly bold curb appeal
  •     By: Royal Building Products

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Add an Elegant Touch to the Exterior of Your Home

Trust us to install your new Royal Vinyl Siding and Trim, which will dress your home in really good wood looks for years to come! Wake up your neighbors with a bold exterior statement with one of our 28 colors!

Advantages Of Our Royal Siding Products Are:
  • • Helps keep moisture out while letting your home breathe
  • • Reduces noise by 45% to create a quieter home
  • • Provides 240% better impact resistance than fiber cement siding
  • • Available in a broad array of UV-resistant, traditional colors and deep,
  • Rich Colorscapes shades to fit your design
Call now for a Free Estimate on all your siding projects for your home. You’ll be hiring a company that’s been around for 38 years and understands the benefits of proper installation on your home.

Easy to Maintain

Royal Estate Siding meets all the “I want that home” exterior requirements. It’s low-gloss cedar wood grain captures the look and feel of natural wood so closely, you’ll think your home is a low-maintenance, UV-resistant tree house. But seriously, the bold exterior siding screams, ”This siding is for you.” 

The Royal Haven, and Royal Estate was created to make sure you’ll never again have to trade sag resistance and low maintenance for timeless exterior design and curb appeal. And it’s yet another Royal exterior engineered to amaze the rarely thunderstruck and soothe the seldom satisfied.
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